I'm Chris Balbrick, a young French designer living in the South of France. I am also the founder of the graphic design studio "Aktiv Web Side". I hope you'll take pleasure discovering my work.

The internet lanscape has changed. Larger, more inventive… innovative. The opportunities are endless.

Is your website a dinosaur ?

Some reduced budgets with the recession, others hesitate to invest in marketing… in a way based on new “mysterious” technologies.

It’s time to enhance your image and brand.

It’s time to communicate more effectively… To build competitive advantage.

Does Your Brand Have a Strong Identity? I build a Strong Brand Identity for you.

I design and develop professional, fast, and creative websites to enhance the image of your business..

To improve user experience and reduce operating costs.

Ready for Success? Contact me to find out how I can help your business.

You can find my new collection of paintings “Where is Ducky?” on sale on Lab2design.com.

Services :

♦ Logo, Branding & Identity
♦ Advertising Design
♦ Digital Art & Illustration
♦ Graphic & Web Design